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WISE Women Mission:
Women Inspiring, Supporting, Empowering and Educating Women Living with Limb Loss or Limb Differences in a Welcoming Environment.

Inspire / Support

We host interactive events to promote unity, camaraderie and a sense of belonging. Our planned events connect women and inspire women to share personal experiences about living with limb loss or difference. Our monthly meetings provide education, inspiration and support to attendees.

Empower / Educate

We have a track record of education and empowering our patients, colleagues and mentees. Our combined extensive background of knowledge and patient care provides us with valuable resources to problem-solve, to know how to find answers, spearhead collaboration, and own the ability and desire to complete projects. We have the tools and resources to provide education to enhance your quality of life while living with an amputation or mobility impairment. We are experts in prosthetics and understand the complexities of living with limb loss or limb difference.


Advocacy is how we improve care for all people living with limb loss and limb difference together. We speak up for women and empower women to do so. Supporting women and those that empower women, is essential to achieving gender equality and gaining civil rights.

About Wise Women Parliament

Our mission is to inspire, support, empower and educate women living with limb loss or limb difference in a welcoming environment. Our group didactically, emotionally, and physically supports women. We provide education, encouragement, and group activities to promote residual limb health and overall mental and physical health through the avenues of holistic and traditional medicine.

As clinicians and researchers, we saw a need to connect women outside of the clinical setting. We are a group of female Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM) educators and females living with limb loss or limb difference. We are located across the United States and want to attract female attendees from across the country and globally. Wise Women Parliament group focuses on education, resources, and support for women living with limb loss and limb differences. Statistically, 10% percent of the population is living with a disability and 51% are females, and the number continues to increase. These statistics report that millions of women are living with a mobility disability and or limb loss or limb difference and seek resources to connect to other women for advice to assist with obstacles in daily living. Furthermore, there are 1.9 million living women Veterans, who make up 9.4 percent of the total Veteran population. The Wise Women Parliament is a perfect avenue to women to provide inspiration, support, education, and empowerment.

Currently, there are “Amputee Support” groups, but no group is dedicated to and caters to women focusing on women’s needs and issues. We have structured a virtual monthly meeting platform with educational power points, Podcast interviews, and meetings to educate and connect women. We plan to hold face-to-face meetings and events once the Covid pandemic subsides.

We want to give all women living with limb loss or limb difference the opportunity to connect with each other among all 50 states and worldwide to provide empowerment, support, and education to improve their quality of life. Our Advisory Board has created educational sessions to address a variety of health care needs and female issues. If you are interested in learning more about our group and to learn about a variety of topics from self-care to prosthetics, reach out to us! And don’t forget to follow us on Facebook.

Let’s Get Connected


Hear from inspiring women living with limb loss or limb difference to learn about their story and their perseverance with life situations.


Support women with limb loss and limb difference and their families by providing options to enhance their well-being and to be the investment of choice for individual, corporate, and foundation donors.


We are continuously looking for volunteers to assist with member recruitment, meeting planning and activity/ event coordination. We’d love to hear from you.


We currently meet virtually the second Tuesday of each month and host an educational session to enhance your quality of life. We will resume in-person sessions once Covid subsides.

Board Members

Sara L. Peterson, Executive Director

Dr. Sara Peterson serves as a Research Scientist and Certified Prosthetist / Orthotist. She holds a PhD in Rehabilitation Science from the University of Pittsburgh and has over 25 years of experience in the orthotic and prosthetic field designing, fabricating, and fitting various devices. Dr. Peterson served as an Assistant Professor with the University of Pittsburgh Master of Science in Prosthetics & Orthotics program for over 12 years teaching all aspects of orthotics & prosthetics.

Her vision is to inspire, support, empower and educate women living with limb loss or limb difference. She has the tools and resources to advocate for all persons living with limb loss or limb difference through her vast clinical experience, teaching expertise, research knowledge and her networking abilities.

Her outstanding accolades include being selected as OPGA Finalist for Outstanding O&P Female of the Year Award, named O&P News 175 leading innovators in the field of orthotics and prosthetics and being awarded the American Academy of Orthotists & Prosthetists (AAOP) Outstanding Educator Award. Dr. Peterson’s recognition in the O&P field earned her an invitation to the 2016 White House event “Design for All” showcasing Assistive Technology and honored with the Fellow with Distinction in March of 2023. Dr. Peterson’s team has been recognized with the OPGA Freedom Award (2017-2021) for improving the quality of lives for Veterans through research and education.

Dr. Peterson is a strong and vocal supporter of Responsible Advocacy and is active in helping to reform public opinion and the rights in the community for those who rely on Assistive Technology.

Image of Sara L. Peterson

Sara L. Peterson, PhD,CPO,FAAOP(D)

Certified Prosthetist / Orthotist

Jill Marshall, President

Jill Marshall has been practicing Prosthetics with the Winkley Company in Golden Valley, MN since 1998. She enjoys providing prosthetic care to enhance the lives of her patients and to help them reach their goals. Currently, she works out of several offices through the greater Twin Cities Metro area which include: Golden Valley, Coon Rapids, Cambridge, and Minneapolis, Minnesota.

She became interested in prosthetics 45 years ago when she lost her limb above the knee in 1976. She remembers her rehabilitation as a very positive and interactive experience, which inspired her to serve others in the same manner with their prosthetic needs. She has experience in socket design and has been trained and certified in numerous prosthetic foot and knee technology.

She graduated from the University of North Dakota with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. Her studies brought her to Century College in 1996 where she earned a Prosthetic Technician diploma and in 1998 earned a Long-Term Certificate in Prosthetic Practitioner Program. She became a Certified Prosthetist with the American Board for Certification in Orthotics and Prosthetics in 2000.

She has been professionally involved with the Minnesota Orthotic and Prosthetic Student Organization as a member at Century College; the Academy of Orthotics and Prosthetics Northern Plains Chapter where she has served on the Executive Board of Directors. She is a member of the National Academy of Orthotists and Prosthetist. She serves as a Peer Counselor for fellow amputees and has obtained Certification for Pulmonary Respiration and Automatic External Defibrillator. She has been involved in teaching at local colleges and has participated in Beta studies of componentry with Otto Bock Industries.

Her hobbies outside of work include traveling, gardening, fitness, jewelry, and cooking. She enjoys live music and spending time with her husband Chuck.

Jill Marshall

Jill Marshall, CP

Certified Prosthetist

Prosthetic wearer

Taavy Miller, Vice President

Dr. Miller recently completed her doctoral studies in Health Services Research with a focus in health economics and epidemiology. While earning her bachelor’s degree, Taavy worked as an assistant in the O&P department at the Cincinnati VA Hospital. She went on to earn her master’s degree in orthotics and prosthetics at Georgia Tech.

After completing her residencies at a large hospital-based system and a small private company, Taavy worked as a certified orthotist / prosthetist. Taavy is currently part of the Cardinal Health research team and has published several studies in peer-reviewed journals, presented abstracts at various national and international conferences, and currently works as a research scientist conducting and leading research projects with a focus on patient outcomes. Dr. Miller was honored with the Fellow of the Academy award in 2022.

Her hobbies outside of work include traveling, gardening, and being a mom. She enjoys live music and spending time with her husband Len and daughters Camden and Merin.

T Miller

Taavy Miller, PhD, CPO, FAAOP

Certified Prosthetist / Orthotist

Research Scientist

Krysta Enchill, Advisory Board Member

Krysta is a certified counselor and avid personal fitness trainer. She earned her master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Duquesne University and her Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Science from the University of Pittsburgh. She has over 7 years of experience in training her clientele to improve their quality of life. Her expertise is ply-ability and creating personal fitness goals and easy to follow programs. Her focus is on helping young athletes focus on strategies to improve performance.

Jill Marshall

Krysta Enchill, MS

Clinical Mental Health Counselor

Master Trainer

Sandra Guzman, Hispanic Liaison, Advisory Board Member

Dr. Guzman is a Medical Device researcher with experience in support surfaces, devices that interface with the body, compression wraps and high end data collection systems. She is experienced in international research with work in Mexico, Japan and the United States. She loves her home in Mexico and her nephew is the apple of her eye. Sandra has been awarded multiple awards for her high quality research. Her focus is on improving the quality of lives of others and making Assistive Technology accessible.

Jill Marshall

Sandra Guzman, PhD

Research Scientist


Frequently Asked Questions

Where and when are your meetings?
Meetings are held virtually the second Tuesday of the month.
Is there a fee to join?
There is no fee for the virtual meeting; it is free to attend.
What equipment do I need to join?
Attendees can join through a phone, smart phone, iPad, desktop computer with web camera or a laptop with a camera.
Where can I find the link to join the virtual meeting?

Please email us at or join our group on our Facebook page.

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